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Tex-Mex, beef and tacos. That’s the daily meal for people across Texas, especially from Brownsville to San Antonio and Austin to El Paso. Fajitas, brisket, cookouts and bringing familia together is part of Texas culture. The boast-worthy flavors prove there’s no better way to celebrate it than with tortillas, salsas and beef.

A testament of that Texas culture can be found in restaurants, food trailers and backyards all across the state. You see, in these parts, Tex-Mex is it’s own food group and tacos are ingrained in the history and fabric of Texan families. Family tradition is rich and it’s reflected in the people who make the food. The desire to share the story of their favorite comfort food comes from making memories and sharing experiences. Oh, and a little bit of that signature Texan pride, too.


I want to share what my family did and what my friends and I grew up on. I want people from other states to come to Texas and see us live up to our name.

Miguel Vidal, Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ

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