Texas Beef Team member Peter Otero is a family man who’s made it his mission to be a healthy role model for his 2 daughters. After getting a job at a gym, one jog on the treadmill led to him completing a 5K, which led to a 10K, which led to half-marathons, to marathons, to triathlons and more! Before races, Peter and his family get their fill of protein with his favorite cut—lean flank steak. Because ain’t nothin’ like a 26-mile run in that Austin heat. His running has made a big impact on his family, as he now oversees a race team of 27 kids, his daughters included. Yep, Peter’s definitely on track to fulfilling his dream of living a fit and healthy life with his family alongside.

It’s about setting goals and pushing myself more than I thought I could.

Peter Otero

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