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Chef Uno Immanivong

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In Texas, beef is a blank canvas. It has the power to bring communities together, to evoke heritage, and to prompt whole new levels of creativity. For Thai-born, Texas-raised Chef Uno Immanivong, a smoky mesquite ribeye topped with a fish sauce and lime-spiked salsa is as close to home as it gets.

There are few career arcs as compelling as chef Uno Immanivong’s: after working her way up the banking ladder for an impressive 16 years, Immanivong, a lifelong Texas native and home cook with Thai roots, took a chance and competed on ABC’s The Taste. The one and only Anthony Bourdain was so bowled over by her talent and vision that he became her mentor on the show. She lives for educating diners on the versatility and power of Asian flavors at her Dallas restaurant, Chino Chinatown.

Artist: Daniel Krall

Texas is a melting pot of people. There's this camaraderie about it; that support system still gets me through the things that I'm doing now. I'll share anything that I have with anybody else.

Chef Uno Immanivong

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