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Chef Michael Fojtasek

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It’s all part of the Texas experience for Chef Michael Fojtasek of Olamaie in Austin. When you’re here, it’s best to cook for a crowd for when they show up. The show-stopping cut up for that particular task is none other than the Strip Loin, slow-cooked and reverse-seared. It’s a centerpiece that requires a little patience and finesse, but the payoff is immediate—guests have a hard time hiding their delight when it hits the table. Pair it with some bright greens and boom: now you’re everyone’s favorite neighbor.

Expect only the best from Fojtasek’s kitchen at Olamaie, the Austin restaurant that makes diners straight-up weep with its stunning takes on Southern staples. Olamaie, so named for the women in his family, is firmly rooted in Texas traditions, and Fojtasek’s quiet patience allows his food to develop to its fullest potential.

Fojtasek’s style, as he sees it, is built around his relationships with local farmers and purveyors—his sous chef says it’s beef and butter. Somewhere in the middle is Olamaie’s elegant, bright vision of the modern South: refined, deeply flavorful, and inspired by what came before.

Artist: Kate Haberer

Hospitality and friendliness are the qualities that I believe are inherent in Texas.

Chef Michael Fojtasek

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