Telehealth 2.0: Making Food Come Alive in Today's Virtual Age

Angela Lemond, an experienced Registered Dietitian and owner of Lemond Nutrition, shares a wealth of information on how to navigate virtual nutrition interventions, from equipment and technology needs to planning and delivering high quality sessions. She also discusses and demonstrates practical strategies to engage with your clients, including cooking live from your home, kitchen and pantry tours, online grocery shopping and more.

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Angela Lemond

Angela Lemond has made a career out of changing the way people think about food. After leaving her marketing job and becoming a dietitian, she knew she had to make up for arriving late to the nutrition scene. She immediately began impacting families working in pediatrics, training in all clinical areas of Children's Health. Five years into dietetics, she wanted to make a longer connection with families so she started her private practice, Lemond Nutrition. Angela dreamed of a place where nutrition practitioners could walk alongside families in a more impactful way navigating food myths, emerging nutrition science and the confusing information streamed on the Internet. While building her practice, she volunteered her time in local, regional and national nutrition media. As a spokesperson, she's been quoted in hundreds of media outlets such as FoxNews, Yahoo!, CNN and has been a freelance writer for Everyday Health. In 15 years, Lemond Nutrition has blossomed into a growing organization with multiple locations and dietitian practitioners. Lemond has been leveraging the virtual age of telehealth in creative ways and Angela’s eager to share it with other dietitians wanting to maximize health outcomes. Angela is a wife of almost 20 years and a proud mother to 2 teenagers, Hannah & Evan. When she's not busy at work, you'll find her honing her cooking skills, enjoying the outdoors or traveling - or adventures involving them all together.

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