Steak and Eggs Skillet with Chimichurri and Sweet Potatoes
Ingredients icon 18 Ingredients
Servings icon Makes 4 Servings
Time icon 45 Minutes
Recipe courtesy of: Gretchen Brown, RD,


Chimichurri Sauce

Optional Ingredients


  1. Combine chimichurri sauce ingredients in a blender or food processor. 

  2. Pulse until well combined, stopping once to scrape down sides of container. Set aside.

  3. Preheat oven to 425°F. 

  4. Spread out sweet potato into a single layer on a baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil, tossing gently to combine. 

  5. Cook sweet potatoes in oven for 20-25 minutes, tossing halfway through, or until sweet potatoes have golden edges. Set aside and keep warm.

  6. Meanwhile, heat a large cast-iron skillet (12-inch recommended) over MEDIUM-HIGH heat. Add 1 Tbsp. butter to melt. Season steak with salt and pepper, then cook in melted butter for about 3-4 minutes per side or until internal temperature reaches at least 145° F  medium rare (145°F) to medium (160°F) doneness, as measured by a meat thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the steak.

  7. Transfer steak to a cutting board. Allow to rest 3-5 minutes before slicing across the grain. Cook eggs in same skillet to desired doneness.  

  8. To serve family-style, transfer sweet potatoes, steak, and eggs back to skillet. To serve individually, place sweet potatoes on plate, then place ¼ of steak slices and 1 egg on each plate. Top with avocado slices and crumbled feta. Drizzle with Chimichurri Sauce. If desired, sprinkle with salt and pepper and serve with corn tortillas.


Buy pre-cubed sweet potatoes to cut down on prep time! 

Nutrition Information

Nutrition information per serving: 520 Calories; 265 Calories from fat; 29.8 g Total Fat (7.9 g Saturated Fat; 17.1 g Monounsaturated Fat); 248 mg Cholesterol; 705.8 mg Sodium; 28.5 g Total Carbohydrate; 4.3 g Dietary Fiber; 31.6 g Protein; 2.9 mg Iron; 808.2 mg Potassium; 0.2 mg Thiamin; 0.5 mg Riboflavin; 10.6 mg Niacin (NE); 0.8 mg Vitamin B6; 2.6 mcg Vitamin B12; 4.8 mg Zinc; 28.0 mcg Selenium; 228.4 mg Choline.


This recipe is an excellent source of Protein, Riboflavin, Niacin (NE), Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Zinc, Selenium, and Choline. It is a good source of Dietary Fiber, Iron, Potassium, Thiamin.

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