Healthy living is not just the food we eat—it’s the life we live. From staying active to sitting down with your family for a meal, healthy living is a combination of all the activities that make up our full, Texan lives.

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We’re bringing Texans to the table with recipes and tips. Join us in exploring all things truly Texan, from our Top 5 Chili Recipes to How to Build a Better Burger, we’re celebrating our Beef Loving Texan lifestyle.  View More Posts 

Fuel Your Fun

Just like a sports car needs good fuel, your body needs good food to run its best. Use MyPlate to help you eat the right amount of each food group. When your body is getting enough protein, vegetables, fruits, dairy, and whole grains, you’ll feel your best.

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Protein Challenge

Ever considered adding a little leftover steak to your breakfast? Try it and feel the benefits of distributing protein more evenly throughout the day. Learn more about incorporating protein at each meal with the Protein Challenge.

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Texas is a big state, and whether you’re hanging your hat in a big city or a small town, we’re telling your stories from around the table – true Texan style.  View More Stories 

Texas Beef Team

The Texas BEEF Team is a group of beef loving fitness enthusiasts committed to living active, healthy lifestyles and together, we are working toward building a healthier Texas one race at a time.


Health Partnerships

Texas beef producers have a long-standing commitment to health and wellness. Through our health organization partnerships, we show Texans how to enjoy beef healthfully and how it brings balance to our crazy, Texan lives. Click on each partner logo to learn more.

Nutrition Facts

The best dietary information comes from sound science and our partners at Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. share the latest in beef nutrition research and science-based fact sheets about beef’s nutrient profile.

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