Learn about MyPlate

MyPlate helps make sure you get enough of every food group. Learn more about protein, vegetables, fruits, dairy, and whole grains, and see how they fuel your fun!

MyPlate Activities

There are lots of ways to learn about healthy eating and MyPlate. Click on the boxes to see how.

Teaching MyPlate

TEKS certified comprehensive nutrition curriculum for grades 3-12 following the USDA Myplate.gov MyPlate model and is USDA approved.

Interested in receiving a free MyPlate toolkit in the mail?

The toolkit will include MyPlate handouts, poster, worksheets and exclusive MyPlate placemats and game cards that can only be received through the toolkit!

MyPlate Materials

Free, downloadable materials to learn about nutrition and the food groups. If you would like these materials shipped to you rather than downloaded or would like to browse additional free resources, visit our full resource page: www.beeflovingtexans/resources.

MiPlato Saludable

Materiales gratuitos y descargables para aprender sobre nutrición y los grupos alimenticios