Top 8 Most Texan Recipes for Texas Independence Day

March 2 is an important date. King Kong and The Sound of Music premiered. Jon Bon Jovi celebrates his birthday on March 2 each year. But, nothing more important in history has happened but a little piece of land becoming the Republic of Texas!

Texas Independence Day is March 2nd and it’s time to celebrate the Lone Star State! This day marks Texas’ independence from Mexico in 1836 to become the Republic of Texas. But we know you didn’t need that history lesson!

This holiday is the perfect opportunity to come together and celebrate our pride for this great state. So, we’ve gathered some of our most Texan recipes to help you party like a Beef Loving Texan.

Looking for more recipes? We’ve got all of your Texas favorites.

Beef Picadillo Tacos 

Celebrate Tex-Mex style with this authentic taco night recipe.


Steak Fajita Breakfast Taco

As Texans, we can all agree that tacos are delicious anytime of day.


Texas BBQ Bloody Mary

Because here in Texas, we even put brisket in our cocktails.

Texas T-bone Steak

A T-bone the size of the Lone Star state prepared with spicy Tex-Mex flavors.


King Ranch Casserole

A cheesy and beefy King Ranch casserole is the ultimate Texas potluck food.


Friday Night Lights Frito Pie

A Frito Chili Pie (with no beans, of course) is a football night staple in Texas. And if you are a “beans in your chili” kind of Texan, we’ve got recipes for you too.


Lone Star Chili

Chili is the perfect Texas Independence Day meal because it is our state dish, after all. 

Smoked Brisket

Nothing says ‘Texas’ like a smoked brisket.

What is your favorite Texas dish? Tell us in the comments below!


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