Thai Beef Kebabs with Grapefruit Cucumber Salad

Love beef so much, it makes you cry? Then grab a napkin to dab your eyes (and mouth) because my Thai Beef Kebabs may trigger an emotional outburst, flush with meaty flavor and smoky, slightly sweet heat. This easy kebab recipe for the grill is inspired by a traditional Thai recipe, as is the grapefruit cucumber salad pairing.

Instead of using those full-flame chilies found in much of Thai cuisine (which can also be hard to find at the everyday grocery store), I’ve used dried red chili flakes in the marinade and threaded the skewers with mild red bell peppers. This keeps the beef kebab recipe simple and suitable for the entire family – plus the mouth-watering, meaty flavor of steak remains the focus!

This Thai kebab recipe calls for Top Sirloin steak, but you may substitute your favorite beef cut like flat iron, strip or even tenderloin for a splurge. To start, simply trim the steaks and cut into approximate 1-inch to 1 ½-inch chunks, toss in a bowl or bag with the simple marinade ingredients, and let soak up the flavor for 15 to 30 minutes (stirring up once to redistribute liquids).

While the beef kebab meat soaks, whip up the easy Grapefruit Cucumber Salad. The dressing uses many of the same ingredients as the marinade, so everything should still be right at your fingertips. I love how the cooling cucumber slices and sweet-sour grapefruit segments play harmoniously with the spicy beef chunks.  Plus, it’s such a beautiful way to add more fruits and veggies to the family table.

Beef kebabs can be grilled outdoors on a gas or charcoal grill, or indoors on a grill pan. There is no “best” way, it just depends on your preference, schedule and the weather. My go-to is the gas grill for quick weeknight dinners and no-stress weekend meals. It’s harder to tell when kebabs are ready to be pulled off the grill as a meat thermometer is not as reliable on those smaller chunks meat threaded on metal skewers. However, after about 15 minutes (and flipping a time or two) the Thai beef kebabs should be ready, sizzling, and brown from the honey in the marinade.

Serve on the skewer (or off) with the Grapefruit Cucumber Salad and rice or grain of choice. Enjoy!


Thai Beef Kebabs with Grapefruit Cucumber Salad

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